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Date: Thursday, December 25th, 2014 | Time: 11:32 pm
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Cleaning house

Here I am blogging again – having stopped many months ago.  This was because:

  • - I’ve been “blogging” on Facebook
  • - Twitting a bit
  • - Starting a new company

The company is called “Interface” and that’s what I’ll be focusing on for the next – well it may be a decade or longer. Meanwhile I’ve stopped reading RSS feeds – and pretty much get all my “news” by what flows past me on Facebook.  Don’t really troll Twitter that much.  Even less time on G+.

We don’t even have a website yet – but coding of a mobile demo has commenced.

Date: Friday, October 31st, 2014 | Time: 1:34 am
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Conditional publishing

In this age of context why create static content at all?

Shouldn’t our media and text adjust itself to relevant external factors which are changing as quickly as the weather or current uprising or financial swings in the world’s markets?

Content needs to embrace dynamic authoring so that creators can express themselves in a fluid manner so that input from readers and contextual changes in the world and — wait for it — can change the ideas themselves!

Forceful argument or seductive underpinnings may influence you so much or so further piss you off — that you go ahead and SHOW US that chart your prepared last week (in researching this issue) or convince you to expose that scandalous rendering — which you were afraid to show prviously.

Ideas aren’t static — so why should our rendering of those ideas be stuck in static form?

(This was written in reaction to Ben Werdmuller’s https://medium.com/indie-web/your-audience-isnt-your-social-network-ab25ccc1f33f )

Date: Sunday, October 26th, 2014 | Time: 11:21 am
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Counselors will LOVE ThingFace

Counselors. These are one of the kind of people who would utilize ThingFace to create custom Apps for their clients.

ThingFace Apps will feature authored “smarts” (that can run in the background ) and “foreground” interactive sequences and mobile interfaces, which would have media playback and record, points, leaderboards, cloud based Content publishing all built into the experience.

The tool is designed to work with IFTTT, SmartThings, Nest, HomeKit, Fitbit, Galaxy Gear and any other coolio wearable liveable Wink kind of platform thingie that’s gonna be important to work with moving forward. We want to be friends to all and deliver something nobody else is doing – authoring tools that non-programmers can utilize to do sophisticated kinds of media rich, highly interactive mobile based contextually aware on-line experiences.

We think of it as the Instagram of Authoring. The ThingFace authoring tool environment would be utilized by ThingFace authors to create customized, one-off Apps for their clients.

Each client could have their own instructional materials, interactive tools or interfaces, on-line media and on-demand relevant information – crafted exactly to their needs.

And that is just one example of how ThingFace will be utilized.

I can’t wait to get our tool into the hands of creative, media savvy, informative Counselors. Julie Albright clued me into this target demographic.

Big shoutout Thanks – to Julie!

Date: Saturday, August 9th, 2014 | Time: 6:38 pm
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Repeating the same mistakes – will our industry ever learn?

Halt and Catch Fire looks like an incredible new show from AMC – which will replace Mad Men – as their “period piece.”

It appears that this new show will focus on the nascent PC industry – circa 1983 – which I happen to have lived through – oh those many years ago.  In fact in 1982 – I was working with Tracey Kidder’s brother – when “The Soul of a New Machine” won him a Pulitzer. In those days IBM, DEC and Data General were slugging it out – and none of us had any clue as to what was gonna happen next.

All we knew was personal computers held great potential in both business and entertainment – and that prices were dropping and distribution was expanding.  For those of you who don’t know – the Soul of a New Machine brought us into the team who created the Data General Eclipse – which was done in reaction to DEC’s VAX.  Data General lost, and then DEC lost and then COMPAQ – the company that bought DEC lost – and now Dell – the company that kicked COMPAQ’s is – is losing.

Moore’s Law, Metcalfe’s Law and mobile have brought us to where we are today – but more importantly – the VCs, Wall St. and Internationalism has created our world of today.  For every new bubble economy, a rush of startups, enthusiasm and greed teaches us another set of lessons learned about how humans adopt technology and the fear and loathing that surrounds this phenomena.

Since the Cave Man – technology has moved forward in an on-going rush of progress.  Those who can adopt to utilizing and exploiting technology prosper – while the ‘Luddites’ fight to “keep us back.”  What we’ve seen recently is how technology has directly influenced and disrupted the entertainment and “content” industry – in big ways.

Once it became clear that software was the new Rock & Roll, being Bill Gates was no longer was a geeky thing.  Hollywood started to figure this out when movie goers turned motion pictures that combined technology with story telling and human passion (Blade Runner and Star Wars) into legends, while TV viewers turned commercial failures (Geeks and freaks and Space Cowboys) into cult classics.

All of a sudden a “technology influenced aesthetic” came into fashion.

Now we’re seeing the next generation of this new kind of “exploitation” – the Silicon Valley-docu-drama.  Zuckerberg’s sister tried to a reality TV series (burp!) and HBO currently has a pathetic series called (literally) “Silicon Valley” – but I gotta say that I can’t WAIT to see Halt and Catch Fire!

I’m hoping it will capture the true insanity of that era, educate the youth that they’re repeating many of the same dam mistakes we made before – and run for many years.  Cause I need something to replace Mad Men.

Now the only question is: “what mistakes will be made, and what insights will be told?”

Date: Monday, May 5th, 2014 | Time: 10:16 am
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Workers of the World Unite blogging ’14

Happy May Day to everyone.  Whether its a May Pole or rioting in the streets – spring brings with it a re-vitalized sense of life.

Meanwhile here in Charlotte, NC – I’m working on a new company – which will……. [ooops now I'll have to kill you if I reveal the secrets....]  Its about Fitness and Wearables….. If Amazon has a store – that makes it legitimate – right? And if ‘the Well’ creates a special section – then it’s REALLY legitmate!

We believe that Personal Trainers are a natural partner for Fitness devices

Trust = Security + Reliability + Delight – Gabe Mac at his best

DoNotTouch.org – is another Gabe Mac project – straight outta Utrecht

They’re building Digital Cities in Brazil

I’ve been getting heavily into mobile UI/UX experiences – here’s a compendium of some coolio ones – I also really like the Parallax stuff

Expanding the Cloud: Docker Containers in Elastic Beanstalk

Building Connected Communities: Arts Tech in Kansas City

Digital Sandbox KC – though but for the grace of god – could have gone I


Date: Friday, May 2nd, 2014 | Time: 11:37 am
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The MOOGfest edition of Marc’s Voice

I drove to Asheville, NC yesterday to attend the opening party of MoogFest – which is this AWESOME Festival based on “analong synths” – which (of course) are all digital nowadays.  Met some old friends, met lots of balding, gray haired analog aynth nerds – just like myself!

Meanwhile doing weekly blog posts seems about right…..

The new public profile page by Twitter makes things come full-circle.  This is EXACTLY what I assumed Twitter would do – day one.  Only the had a few things to do first.  Now 10 years later and they finally have what they should have had – day one.

The rise in value of “website creating sites” continues – Weebly - WordPress - SquarespaceConduit one has to wonder what’s up with Eightly - the first of the NEXT generation, IoT creation sites.

In addition to the long awaited Video Help service (called Mayday by Amazon)I’ve also been fascinated with on-line ‘concierge’ services – and their possibilities for over 15 years – as well.

I find it fascinating to watch the Nike-Apple dance around Nike Fuel.  Its as clear as day to me – that Apple will take over making thw HW and support Nike’s SW standard.  DUH! Look at the fact that Nike just OPENED a SW office, while firing HW people.  Makes sense to me.

Microsoft is replicating EXACTLY what the former Macromedia product Breeze did. Only its designed to work INSIDE of the on-line Office.   Wow – is all I can say!

Heaven!  AT&T gets motivated by Google – and announces 100 cities who “might” get gigabit networking.  Even Cleveland is on the list!

One of the coolio things about the mobile market – is that it’s still growing – with new players entering all the time!

I love it when VCs have to explain to startup kids the most basic things to creating a company!

ThingFace related

- Fitness is not a computer

- Oh goodey Facebook just bought a Fitness App – can you say “Fitness Bubble?”

Digital City related

Guadalajara Joins Dublin and San Jose in Global ‘Digital Triangle’

- Partner finding workshops

- Interactive Digital City Beijing Chicago

IoT related

- Sensors, Smart Objects and the Quantified Self

- Time based Google Street Maps!

I asked on Facebook how many people remember all of AT&T’s previous attempts at Video On-Demand services? This latest move to clone NetFlix – is just too much for us old timers.  What goes around – comes around.

SiteClone, cntrl_create_art_,

Date: Thursday, April 24th, 2014 | Time: 5:49 pm
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Chag Semeach – ya-all!

So here I am blogging in Charlotte, NC and we did a Seder last night – with some friends who came down from NYC.

I’ve been so pre-occupied with starting our new company – ThingFace – and moving down here – that I’m afraid I haven’t been blogging – too much. </excuse>


Snowden points out the similarities between Obama and Putin – I wonder if they’ll let Snowden stay in Russia?

I love it when the hiway glows…..

Here are two excellent articles on streaming music – one by PitchFork and the other one called “the Elephant in the Music Room.”

Red Hat has announced a marketplace, but they’re ignoring OpenStack. And there’s no mention of any source code – whatsoever.

Cortana vs Siri vs Google Now – excellent!

Congrats to a modern day Martyr – Weev. Now lets see what he does – next?

25 companies who only hire virtual workers. This is the kind of company I want to build.   Fuck overhead! Fuck commuting!  I’ve been working like this since the beginning.  It was only when the VCs came into my life – that I had to go “into the office.”  Done with that!

Digital City updates:

Guadalajara’s Digital City Opens Its Doors, Joining Elite Set of Global Cities

Digital Cities: The only way forward to sustainable future

Digital City Model to Support Complex Planning Scenarios

Prototyping for the Digital City

Customized cars in China

Building a ‘Digital City’ for libertarians

Siemens, Accenture form smart grid joint venture

Digital City celebrates 10 years growth – great success  story coming out of teh Tees Valley in the Midlands of England

Brazil inaugurates its 1st city totally wired with optical fiber

Thinking of my friend Tim Sylvester in Kansas City

IoT updates:

Electric Imp rocks!

Audio and sound rising

Apple iOS 7.1 Launches Major iBeacon Improvement

Hortonworks rising – keeping up with CloudEra

ThingFace related (I’ll tell yah about my new startup – l8r):

Writing Life Stories: How to Make Memories into Memoirs, Ideas into Essays and Life into Literature

Deliver service for your things

Elio lo-cost, hi-mileage, three wheeled vehicle

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Automattic actually did something new with their $100M?  Doesn’t WordPress seem old and stale – to you?  It does to me!

the secrets of Roman concrete

Silicon Valley doesn’t like it when outsiders come in and raise the ante.

The story of Jim Mason.. and the shipyards. Partied there through several generations of this history

Fred Wilson – this generation’s John Doerr.  But will he cry for his daughter’s future?

Taco Master, Actively Learn, Liberty.me,

Date: Friday, April 18th, 2014 | Time: 9:07 am
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Digital Life Aggregator is the current term for Digital Lifestyle Aggregator

Way back when I realized that instead of isolating functions into singular websites or apps – that what a user REALLY wanted was a website or App that brought everything together.  Sometimes these kind of interfaces were called “start pages” or “portals” – and this is where folks focused a LOT of attention and investment.

NetVibes was always a digital lifestyle aggregator (DLA) – starting off with just links, but branching into all aspects of one’s on-line life – and they’ve continued to evolve considerably since then.  Tariq Krimthe founder of NetVibes – has gone onto doing something called JoliCloud - and that’s a digital lifestyle aggregator – as well.

The general notion of this kind of thinking has been referred to as “digital lifestyle aggregation.”

Along the way – the word “style” has got lost.  Its now thought of as “digital life aggregators.”

So the purpose of this post is to connect my past term DLA – with the current day term – which I have NO links to – and have no current connection to.   Simple because of the loss of “style.”

Oh well I guess I have my own style.

There are a whole BUNCH of these kind of “digital life aggregators” nowadays.  They’re the modern day customizable “dashboard” – your OWN start page.  Mobile phone are by design – a customizable “launch page” or whatever each platform calls it.

And I just thought I should propound the basic principles under which I’ve been pitching DLAs for over 12+ years now:

- a DLA must integrate as many services, content and social networks – coupled to some sort of tool/util capabilities – all in ONE interface (the dashboard.)
- this interface must aggregate all sorts of content, people and services – into one place
- and the whole thing is highly customizable – so when decides WHAT stuff to integrate, WHAT stuff to aggregate, have it appear in exactly the form, state and aesthetics – as THEY choose – and have it work across of their “digital devices”, places, contexts, activities and experiences.

    Ideally – an open source platform will emerge – which every nation can utilize to deliver DLA “Citizen Dashboard” to each and every citizen of that sovereign nation.

    And each and every constituency, affinity group, club, team, groups of fans or any clustering of human beings – can EACH have their own DLA social networks.

    All of this software would work “together” – forming an international global distributed open meta-network.


    Date: Sunday, April 13th, 2014 | Time: 4:18 pm
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    Moving to Charlotte, NC blogging

    Digital Fitness was a $330M business in 2013.  Beniof and Dell do it.

    Pretty cool iPhone case that’s also a blood pressure monitor (and more)

    The birth of lighting-as-a-service – I wonder what my friends at Huawei will offer?

    141m Smart TVs per year – as of 2015.  That’s 55% of the market.

    Building the Digital City – from the conference of the same name

    LittleBits has got shoes….

    Cloudera is rebuilding machine learning for Hadoop with Oryx

    Google’s checklist for cities to qualify for Google Fiber

    Indeed – consumer trust is dropping – just when all these companies think that all this data is worth something – consumers will run to the hills – before ever trusting THOSE kind of companies!

    Facebook Paper all the rage = and the open source design tools “Origami” and “Tweaks”

    Alibaba wants to turn some of Hainan Island into a Digital City

    Citizen Services as Digital City infrastructure?

    Chris Rezendes (INEX advisers) doing a TEDxTalk

    Blackberry QNX rising

    Connected Car facility in Atlanta run by AT&T = Drive Studio

    Docker Releases Version 0.9 With Major Improvements

    I’m sorry I missed this IoT Festival @ MIT

    Moov, Origami, Jawbone UP 3.0, Oppia, Learning Accelerator,

    Date: Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 | Time: 11:17 pm
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